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January 20. 2004:
Moved the page, removed some non-working stuff. Maybe I'll get to update it sometime in the future, but, real life, y'kno? How's everyone?? E- me? dancehyena at aol dot com works!

April 25, 1999:
New email address for the gang!! It's now EDubbGang@EMAIL.COM!!! changed its policies and now charges for forwarding! The bastards!!

Jan. 2, 1999:
Please check the forum. The message 'flames welcome.' is of timely importance to all Losers.

Oct. 15, 1998:
Updates made today are strictly for Losers. You guys should receive an email about them within a day or so.

Oct. 14, 1998:
Well, forgot to add it here when I did it, but the humor page is of significant size. I'm totally welcoming any and all additions anyone might have. In the meantime, check it out!!!!!

Oct. 4, 1998:
Well, I added the Humor page...not too much on there- that's where you guys come in. Send in your funnies! I've got a list of stuff I want to add, so there will be more soon! I wanna make this page mucho interesting for everyone! ALSO: I pulled down the link to the birthday page. You can still get to it (here), but it won't be updated for awhile... And I took off the Code that'll let you join the list. Pretty much all the Losers are on here anyway, so it's unnecessary.

Sept. 29, 1998:
Didn't do much today, really. I tossed up a page (attached to the Graduation page) featuring the songs (and lyrics) the chorus sang. Check it out, get a bit sniffly :-) I'll be looking for midis so you can have something to sing along to!

Sept. 28, 1998 (11:40pm):
Well, I added the "Our Classes" and "Schedule" pages. It's up to all of us to get those filled up!! Don't worry about even sending an email. I stuck a form on there, just fill it out and click send and it's that much closer to being up on the page! We need class schedules and funny stories, guys!! Also, Jan and Rach need to finish up their profiles!!! I put in boxes where you need stuff, just fill it out and click send, easy as pie!! Write as much or as little as you like, and you can always update. That goes for all of you, if you want to update yours, hell, you can use the forms on the other guy's pages. Just tell me who it is!

Sept. 28, 1998 (11:25am):
Didn't do much of anything. I posted a new message to the forum, somewhat important!! Everybody remember to check it out, okay?! It's a great way to keep in touch if you've only got a few minutes to be online. Just check out this page and the forum every once in awhile!!

Sept. 25, 1998:
Well, I added this cute little news part. Figured you'd all want to know what's going on with the page! Let's see, I added a groovy contact page not too long ago, just like, click where it says "New! Click here for emailing info" :-) Easy, huh? I added a couple pages, on our banquet and spirit week, and I updated the graduation page to look like the others!! Also, be sure to click on the "Happy Birthday" link up there...It's Rachel's 18th birthday tomorrow!!! And always remember, links ARE NOT underlined. So check everything for click-ability!

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