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Archive 98

1997-1998 school year
Well, as you can see, there's not much here. I just wanted y'all to see a bit of the work we put into the yearbook. Pretty much all of us were on staff, in spirit if not in body, so it was a Loser effort. Jan was our revered editor, having very much earned the position from the tons of work she put in the year prior. Loren, Sarah and Eileen were in charge of the Senior section, Jan was also the Faculty Editor, Sarah and Eilen were Underclassmen Editors, Sarah was an assistant Club Editor (that's Sarah 'Fingers' Rajala, the fastest typist that was dumb enough to volunteer), Janelle was an assistant Advertisement Editor and Loren was the recording secretary (on days he didn't ditch us for drama!!). :-)

Seniors had a great page up near the front, with our year full of signatures by all the classmembers! Check it out here:
Signature Page

Three of us Losers also took it upon ourself to buy ad space in the yearbook, a full page, so we could make our own collage! Very cool, and available to view here:
Loser Collage