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  The following collection of links point to webpages currently maintained solely by Clowning Glory Productions. Those websites that began with Clowning Glory's help have since moved on to being the sole property and creation of their own webmasters- a fact we're proud to print.
  Enjoy the ride, and remember that, like nearly all websites out there, the following are under construction, so one visit just isn't enough.
  Cloud 11 A website promoting and expanding on a CD made to benefit the American Cancer Society. It's music for a brighter tomorrow. (CD no longer in production)
  /j The new homepage of another post-teen living in today's mad mad world. Please be forewarned, site contains language and mature content.
  Sunview Zoo Just your average house in an average cul-de-sac in quintessential small-town America. It happens to be filled with cats, dogs, and people.
  q Monkey A surreal look at the artwork of a young talent growing up close to Clowning Glory's Sarah. (Never finished)
  East Windsor Movie Gallery A new way to bring one's work home- an unofficial website detailing specials, rates and assorted info about East Windsor's Movie Gallery. (Out of date as of 07/04/05)
  EDubb Class of '98 A page for the Losers of the EDubb Class of '98 to keep in touch.


about cgp

  It began with Howling Moon, Inc., my father's "company" that he started years ago...
  While searching for a simple decal at a local hardware store to put on the side of an old wooden soda crate, he came across a picture of a wolf howling at the moon. Howling Moon Soda was born that day, and carried on to encompass a large video library, a successful stationery enterprise, and numerous programming ventures.
  Later, Howling Moon, Inc. became the parent of such businesses as SCR, Inc., a creation of mine that has only recently become the nearly-omnipresent Clowning Glory, Inc., and Pod, Inc., a stationery "company" run by three young kids, with delightfully fresh cards and posters!
  Clowning Glory is an original name dreamed up by its creator's twisted little mind. Clowning Glory Productions is both a new and established company.
  Its ideals and visions are ever-changing, and its creator is forever adapting it to fit the newest standards of technology and business. Yet the basic motto, favorite quote, whatever you'd like to call it, has remained unchanged. Always in Clowning Glory, our goal is to spread smiles and giggles all over the web.
  "You'll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile!"


about me

  Who'd have thought it...?
  Actually, these days, an entire website run by a single person isn't that distant a concept. With the advances in technology our world has seen, it's near useless to employ hundreds or even tens to do the job that one person could conceivable accomplish alone.
  That is to say, Clowning Glory is the destination and journey of one soul. Not out of necessity, per se, but out of that spirit that unites all techno-preneurs, those dot-com'ers that so populate the world today. It's cliché, it's overdone, but it's a hell of a lot of fun to type some random characters and see a nifty site take shape.
  For a professional look at the creator,
  resumé * word doc or weblink
  Otherwise, here we go... your journey beyond the clown, the white gloves, the laughter and joy. Here's the basic idea.
  /sarah, as a website, contains strong language and even stronger opinions, making it unsuitable for the public as a whole. Individuals may wish to visit this site, but should realize it is at their own discretion.
  clowningglory.com is fun. Family friendly, even.
  clowningglory.com's sarah, as a web entity, is a post-teen with views on the world that need to be shared. Please consider this before continuing



  Besides those websites created and maintained by Clowning Glory Productions, there are a few other places on this world wide wonder worth visiting. (Sorry about the gratuitous alliteration.)
  Netscape The first to offer tabbed browsing for multi-taskers and the attention deficient.
  Mozilla Firefox A massively customizable browser for the techno-savvy.
  Internet Explorer The classic has actually improved. Can't beat tabbed browsing, after all.
  Compaq CGP has yet to purchase a computer that isn't a Compaq. While Clowning Glory is not an anti-Mac organization, the webmistress' main area of computer learning has been with PCs. From the onset, clowningglory.com has been created and maintained using almost solely Compaq machines.
  Omnis Hosting Omnis provides the server you're using to access clowningglory.com. Thanks!
  JASC Software Clowning Glory has always sworn by Paint Shop Pro and its graphics capabilities.
  Macromedia Software Lately, CGP has taken advantage of the graphics and website building capabilities of Macromedia's Fireworks and Dreamweaver. It should also be noted that the webmistress is almost completely self-taught, a testament to the ease of use and simplicity of design of the above programs.




















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