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Why Make This Webpage?

Well, our group has stuck together through many years of high school. We've added and lost members along the way, but the core has remained the same. But we graduated in June of 1998, and for the most part are going our separate ways. While none of us is going too far away (I don't think anyone's leaving New England), it'll still be hard for us to contact each other. So with this webpage, we can keep track of each other, and let any outsiders know a little bit about the gang!

Why Call Us the Losers?

Well, we happen to be that gang that lost out on the chance to be in one of those snobby, exclusive little cliques. Whether that's a bad thing or a good thing, decorum prevents us from saying :-) But, really, we were the losers. The misfits. The K's. The Butter Horses of our high school. Oh well.
For those who will recognize the reference, I (Sarah, main webmaster) take "the Losers" partially from Stephen King's It. Now before you say it's a horror story, and why would you want us a part of it, ask someone about the Losers of Derry. These kids that never quite fit in with the main crowd, so they settled in with each other, finding comfort and caring they never really got anywhere else. These kids came up against some nasty shtuff, and survived. And then again, they came up against that nastiness, and they beat it down. Come on, sounds pretty noble to me.