Sept. 26, 1998

Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!!

Hope you have an absolutely fantabulous day!!!


Remember the skunk?

Hehe...that was certainly

nasty...well, not nasty.

but not appetizing!! :)

Ahh memories...

How about calling the pizza

place for Mr. Mooney?

Or Dog Fancy??

Ahh...Rach...the songstress of our gang...

Well, that's not to say the rest of us never sing.

Just not as well (smooch, smooch) :-)

The Beatles nut of the Losers. A fellow former

(hehe) BSC nut, once a member of the Pound

Puppies club!!!

Ahh...revisiting the past...


18 Years Old!!! MY GOD!!! You're an adult!! Scary, dude. Very scary.

You're legal to like, do stuff. <shudder>

T-I-Double Grrrrr

The Complete Works of Pooh

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