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Spirit Week

???-???, 1998
What, you ask, is spirit week? That's a darned good question, dude. Let me get right to explaining!
In our dinky little school, each of the four classes (frosh, soph, jr, sr) had its own hallway. Well, Soph was kicked outta there hallway because there were motion detectors set up (don't ask. i have no clue) and they couldn't hang anything. Bummer. Well, I hear you saying "hang???" Yep. Critical part of the deal. Like most high schools probably have, spirit week was a bunch of days (five in a row!) set out with special themes designed to invoke school spirit and give everyone a bit less stress.
Well, part of this spirit week involved hallway decoration (back on track now!), and at the end of this one week was a contest to judge who had the most school spirit and creativity. Well, as anyone can guess, creativity wasn't a big point, cause everyone stole everyone else's ideas.
Let's just say, they were ours first. Class of 98 rocks, end of subject.
Let me take you on a brief trip, if I may...

You enter the East Windsor Jr/Sr High School, and take a right to head to the main office. But, what's that...the end of that hall seems a little...darker? GREENER?? Green? That's not a normal color to the middle of a hall?? Let's go a little closer... hmm... "Seniors R Da Bomb" ??? That can't be normal...and those green streamers, while colorful and cheery, aren't normal high school decor... We part the streamers and find ourselves... in a jungle??

Why, that must be the THEME!! Look, a snake on the lockers...pineapples from the ceiling...a parrot...? Trees?? A WATERFALL??? How ingenius! Hmm....who's that large fellow with the coconut bikini and grass skirt? The NUTTY PROFESSOR?? And that skinny fellow in the hammock...MR. BONES???

But, wait, what's that at the end of the hall...don't I recognize that giant PANTHER from the gymnasium? Is that a strobe light?? Are those seniors REALLY that inventive? DAMN RIGHT THEY ARE! THAT'S WHY WE WON, BAA-BY!

Lockers (mine is the R!) Professor?? Mr. Bones! Did Mr. Soutra really okay that?? End of the Hallway, before they dragged the panther in

Yep, we won. Followed, in class order, no less, by the Juniors, who had a delightful little cave (Their hallway was shaped weird. no fair) with a shack in it and a pretty shimmery river flowing by... And by the sophomores, those valiant souls who put up with not only moving their entire hallways, but a destruction by a neighboring town's wrestling team! And the dear little Freshman came in last. But, hey, we warned the little schmucks. And they could have put a little more effort in than painting on the windows and hanging up a Lion King beach towel.
Ah well. It was great fun.