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May 22, 1998
The evening say the least. Of the gang that attended (which would be all EDubb grads) only a couple had actual dates! :-) The food was tons better than the prom, and the surroundings, well, they fit our "Soaring into Tomorrow" theme: the banquet was held at the classy Sheraton Hotel at Bradley International Airport, with a clear view of planes taking off and landing all night! It offered a refuge for those afflicted with ceiling-fever, and was a nice bonus for the wallflowers that attended :-)

Jan and Loren attended together, strictly as pals, Rachel came with a Class of '00 cutie, Jon Harrington, and the two dateless 'keteers, Eileen and Sarah, decided to go together! Our friends Erin and Ines sat with us as well; poor Ines' date bailed out to go to the beach (MEN!) and Erin brought along her then-honey, Tom. Our table wasn't quite full, but you better believe we had a great time.

We started the night out right, by having lots of (virgin!) daiquiris and munching on the delish food. Then once a couple slow songs passed our friend-full group, we hopped up onto the tiny dance floor and started swingin' away!! (Many had already caught ceiling-fever, a strange contagious illness that kept many staring at the neon & strobe lights bouncing off the mostly glass ceiling) Tho most of the dancing was fun a few people got a little tooo rowdy. Woah

hi We all dutifully brought our cameras, but got few chances to use them, seeing as we spent most of the night dancing!
But a few were taken, maybe a few too many for our crazy minds :-) hi again

The gals! All in all, it was a great evening. We got the yearbooks (fabulously done, big thanks to Madame Editor Janelle) handed out and everyone Loooooved them! We embarrassed a few folks (the most popular kids in the class!!) in front of their peers! We got to see our chaperones getting out there and "cutting a rug"! (most amusing!) Our night ended too soon, our last song... Holiday? Well, Loren loved the chance to get up on a chair and lip sync, but we had requested something all night... Yep! Zoot Suit Riot!!! Fabulous end to the EDubb Senior Banquet of '98!