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never met anyone as everything as i am sometimes

Okay, basic stats first and foremost. I'm a Scorpio, born in 1980, so I'm old enough to drive (check, a black '01 subaru - super cute!), vote (check, and work at the polls for my grammy), gamble (nada, I'm terminally broke), and drink (nada, I prefer a good latte or frozen lemonade).



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I live in a pretty little apartment, it's the top floor of a beautiful three story brick house in the *gasp* city. I spent about 5 years in my first apartment, about 2/3 mile from my grandmother, in a tiny place that was okay but for the parade of human frailty that paraded through the downstairs apartment. Woman with untrained, barky dog: check. Rotating duo/trio of very redneck, heavy smokers who enjoyed... yelling.. a lot... nearly every night: check. Squatter: omg check. Then I lived with the 'rents for a year- not really recommended but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, and now I'm in the awesome place. I've got a great roomie, and we've got one adorable kitty, Cordelia. The cat that I had for 13 years, Starbuck, passed away in Oct '09, and I still miss her, my beautiful :(

I used to work at a video store, and yes, that is was glamourous as it sounds. I started as a generic monkey in my hometown's store, hopped to the next town over (in one direction) for like, a week, then went back to act as manager. I finally got promoted, and stuck that out for awhile, then got shoved to the next town over (in the other direction, over the river) to be manager. That was a bit too much, as the area is tres different (cow town to city. aah! I'm just a scared little white girl, folks), so I dropped down a step and was the assistant manager for awhile, then took over as manager. It was pretty cool in that I knew WAY too much about movies and go to put my prodigious power to work for good, but lousy in that it was tough to keep staffed and thus HELLISH on free time. Even when I wasn't there, I was "on call". Yeeeah. Sooooo, I'm now working for a large, semi-local insurance company... local in that I live in Connecticut, and we're like, the insurance capital, so pick your big name. We've got an animal in our logo, but that barely narrows it down. It's not a lizard. Fucking gecko.



Let's see... I love music, like most people, I guess- I've got a decent collection. I'm a huge movie fan, and consider myself a pretty damned good trivia buff. Quiz me, please, I love to keep the brain working. In fact, most days, I can't remember where I put a pen 2 seconds prior, but I can 6-degrees you from Ewan McGregor to Sir Ian McKellan in about 12. (Actually, doing it in my head, it's more like 2. That one was too easy. I like the obscure ones best, and I try to avoid using tv as a link, but between Buffy and Supernatural, I can nail most anyone at this point, 'cause me=geek.) I love music- I'm not terribly picky, but I don't like a lot of new stuff, either. It depends on my mood. I lovelovelove to read, from Anne Rice to Tolkien to Peter Pan to Harry Potter. I'm still grieving over the loss of Buffy, but another show is coming close... Yeah. I'm a bit of a Supernatural fangirl 'cause hi, real urban legends, family drama, pop culture references? It's Buffy on a whole other level, and I geek out weekly with the girls at work. I'm still watching Lost, and Heroes, 24 (roomie got me into it, and even without a hobbit it's holding my interest) and Bones (David Boreanaz is freakin' awesome, and the relationship between his character and the titular Bones? Love.). Plus, I'm still seriously hooked on House, to see what disgusting ailment crops up this week. Call it formulaic, but it's the journey, man, and Hugh Laurie could out-snark fanon!Snape anyday. I'm so addicted to tv. I decided on a whim to watch this True Blood thing and yeah, another book series to read (done and eagerly awaiting more!), ditto with Dexter- incredible series & books, even as they skew further from each other. Oh wow, look at this laundry list. I've been watching Leverage faithfully since it's been on and expected to like Kane's character and came away enjoying Hardison as well, despite the fact that a lookalike of his KILLED SAM WINCHESTER NOT COOL DUDE. And it's not just this year, RIP Alias (sooo sad to see it go), Invasion (which I got stuck on and barely cared about, of course until it ended) and Surface (why must they cancel the cool show about the water?!). I only recently watched Veronica Mars and wish I'd watched it when it was new. And yeah, I watched Firefly and *bawls* Dollhouse. Why no love for Whedon, network tv??
I'm babbling now, though, so I'm off to raid the internet for more lolcats, movie parodies and livejournal icons.