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You know the type. Totally disfunctional, weird, embarrassing to be around... yeah, we've all got the same ones. But the same is true for all of them, too. You can't help but love them. A brief rundown of the human content of the household I used to call home. And no, I'm not terribly sad to be living halfway across town. But see, it's a small town, so it works better that way.

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My dad is m'dad, duh. His name is David, and he hates people. It's not like, a violent unibomber kinda thing... just that's he's not too sociable. But he loves the new dogs. Just don't tell anyone. Judi's my stepmom. She's pretty cool though, not the storybook kind, anyway. She's a maniac driver that listens to disco and bad 80's pop. She's working full time from her home office on something called, which is just about the only place to go if you've got any kind of educational question.

Tom's the oldest of the pods, and finally took advantage of the awesome room in the basement- with the fireplace and the bomb shelter. In time to go off to college. Good job, Moy. That's okay, though. He's at school now for film editing, is a born-again Machead, and got to go to Greece a couple summers ago, so grr! What to say about CJ? His first semester living at college he got to live IN A HOTEL. Seriously, who does that? He's a serious gamer with an impressive and intimidating looking machine, and a super animal lover, which is awesome :-) He's becoming a frighteningly cool guy, for being such a goofy kid (sorry, Q) so... weird. And we totally never got along. :-)

Sam's still the social butterfly of the family. An adept basketball player and a self-proclaimed diva, Ms Thang's new room is virtually papered in photos. Maybe she ought to take up photography? It's hard to believe she's out of high school and going to coolege! I can actually remember a time when Shorty's nickname fit her and she wasn't towering over me, heels or no (and they're cute shoes, girl's got taste). She's still got gorgeous naturally red hair though, which she insists on coloring *other* than red frighteningly often. Ah well, it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind!