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Thanks from Aprilhope

First and foremost, thank you to Andrea Eben and Rachel DiFiore. Iím so glad I roped you guys into this, LOL. You are both so talented and I canít imagine getting the CD done without you {{{angels}}}... Just think how much easier the next one will be, right?? ;-)

Thank you to my dear friend Jonathan Cox for playing such beautiful guitar on the CD and for being its inspiration in the first place (yes Jon, Days had something to do with inspiring lyrics but the CD was YOU, babe!)... Waaah, now youíve moved far away and canít teach me to play guitar... oh well, just think good thoughts, LOL... And promise youíll take care of you!!!

Thank you Jennifer Roberts for contributing your "angel song"! Itís perfect!

Hmm... Bree, I guess I should thank you for introducing me to Jon and Jenn, huh? LOL... And thanks for the road trip compliments (Iíve come a long way from the Pencil Pops jingle, donít you think? ;-)

Thank you Jonathan Harrington for stepping up to the plate late in the game and hitting TWO home runs (donít know why I went with a baseball metaphor, LOL... just thank you!!!) Thank you to my partner in soul-shading, Hanna Miller, for enduring my "songifying" of her beautiful poem. And if there is a 2nd CD, expect "Even Then" to be on it!!

Roark, I have to thank you three times...

  1. Thank you Roark for offering so enthusiastically to be part of the CD (and for calling me "patient" and "sweet sweet" LOL).
  2. Thank you to Roark, Maria, and Christine for creating "Making It Home" (particularly Maria for the "It was you" line), which inspired the words that inspired Andreaís music... and gave me one of my favorite songs.
  3. Thank you to Roark and Christie for giving us Mike and Carrie... M/C inspired several of the songs on Cloud 11, and even one or two that didnít make it on... and theyíre the reason all us Angels met!!

Thank you Nancy Gill for the M/C board that introduced us all... for encouraging me to get up my gumption and ask Roark... and for mailing that CD to me (though I couldnít hear it, LOL) so fast!

Thank you Mae for almost being a part of the CD... well, almost being ON it... you were still a part of it to me.

Thank you Lisa & Bobby for letting me use your computer when I need it and for trying to help me figure out what turned out to be best left in the hands of professionals, LOL!

Thank you to all of our parents (but particularly Andreaís for shipping her from SD to NC to stay with me for four days!).

Thank you Melissa Eatman for not letting my initial lack of enthusiasm over making cool new CD covers and labels stifle yours one bit!! (And for even letting me come over on a Big Brother night, LOL)

Thank you to all the guys at the Music Loft in Durham, NC for being so groovy and hooking me up with all the equipment we needed (for I suppose reasonable prices LOL)Öand for promising not to laugh TOO hard when (and IF) I actually let you hear the CD!

Thank you SARAH!! Our wonderfully whacked webmistress!! You created a happy liíl cloud of a website that we totally adore!! (Now itís just up to me to get the rest of my "homework" in, LOL)

Thanks to Nat for her mention of an "awesome guy prayer" that led to me writing "The One."

Thanks to Maggie for first listen and honest but kind feedback.

Thanks to the VanGang for second listen and for making fun of me when I asked to turn it off, LOL.

Thanks to any and all music teachers throughout the years.

Thanks to whoever posted to my lyrics on the M/C board once saying "When are we gonna hear these recorded?" (HK, was that you??)

Thanks to everybody who said they thought it was a great idea (when I was half-expecting laughter as a response).

And to the Wizard...Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you to Donald Benjamin for... oh good grief... EVERYTHING!!! ...Encouragement, guidance, technical mumbo-jumbo, compliments, patience, hysterical impressions that made me laugh when I thought my head was gonna explode from confusion and/or frustration, enduring battles with the mailing system, all this while trying to get your own CD done!! ...And most of all for saying from the start, "If youíre looking for somebody to talk you out of this, youíre talking to the wrong guy"... I wasnít ;-)

Aprilhope :)

(oops, I have to mention Debbie Gibson! LOL, well she got a nine-year-old me to start writing songs!!)

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