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three of the girls
Rachel, Aprilhope, Andrea

The following bios are based on fact, more so than we'd like to admit. Names should have been changed to protect the embarrassed but too late now. Any and all embellishment falls under the category of artistic license and is an Angel's prerogative. Laughter-induced tummy pain is a risk you take by reading aforementioned bios so related lawsuits will be deemed wholly without merit. Have a nice day.
-- AH

Behind the Cloud: Aprilhope

Aprilhope seems like a sweet little southern belle on the surface, but she's got so many skeletons in her closet, it could be a cemetery!
At an early age, she fell in with the wrong crowd, and by the age of 2 she was wanted for bank robbery. Babyface they called her. Her call sign?
A binky.
She eventually got on the right track, found her voice could be used for more than screaming every time Matthew Perry came on screen. She learned to sing. Her most important influence was Madonna. She wanted to grow up to be just like her. Lace, bracelets, cone shaped undergarments and all. Unfortunately, Madonna wasn't exactly "Like a Virgin" and when she started taking pictures of herself hitchhiking naked on the freeway, Aprilhope decided she needed a look all her own. Plus it was tough to find those cute little high heels in a SIZE 9!!!! And she was far too tall to duck under the bridges while riding the gondolas!
She can sing, act, and do a mean polka. Sweet as honey, and a joy to be around.
After a brief relationship with the older relative of a celebrity, she is currently on the market, and on the prowl. Interested parties should send picture as well as certificate of mental stability to our mailbox.

Bios written by "Behind the Cloud" biographer, Colleen Abreu :)

A special thank you letter from Aprilhope.

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