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cloud 11Charity Information

  • American Cancer Society
    Homepage for the American Cancer Society, the organization to which the CD profits are being donated.

cloud 11Roark Critchlow and Days of Our Lives

  • Too Proud Productions
    Site for former Days of our Lives star (and "Cloud 11" musical guest) Roark Critchlow and his wife Maria's production company, working to bring quality storytelling back to filmmaking. Discussion board has fun family atmosphere, and Roark posts frequently.

  • Days of Our Lives - the Mike and Carrie Fan Page
    A site for the soap couple who stole our hearts! Wonderfully warm and friendly discussion board, it is there that we (Aprilhope, Andrea, Rachel, as well as Hanna) met and became dear friends. Sadly, M/C are no longer on the show (at least in the US), but the memories live on. Several of the songs on "Cloud 11" were actually inspired by Mike and Carrie.

  • Angel's Non-Fiction Writing Board
    Board started by M/C fan LaTwigg to feature non-fanfic writing of all sorts, from short stories to lyrics and poems. Some of this CD's contributors are known to post there fairly often. Go to read or share your own writing!

cloud 11Related Music

  • Swirling Records
    Music producer/advisor extraordinaire Donald Benjamin's record company site. Awesome CD's featuring your favorite soap stars available to order. Fun chat.

cloud 11Personal Sites and Messages

  • A Letter
    From Aprilhope, a letter of thanks and praise to all involved, in the project and her life.

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