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I’m way past Cloud 9... I’m up here on Cloud 11...
the view is oh so fine... up here on Cloud 11...
a happy little sign... says we’re not far from heaven...
as long as you’re mine... up here on Cloud 11

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Welcome to Cloud 11!
Cloud 11 is the name of a li’l CD we made, and hopefully you’re here because you decided you just have to have a copy! Ahem, sorry... no pressure :-)

Why is it called Cloud 11? Well, I’m sure you’re all familiar with the expression "on cloud 9"; it’s even in the dictionary... means "blissfully happy." But occasionally that cliché just seems to fall short. So where are you when you’re beyond blissfully happy? Why, Cloud 11, of course! (Cloud 10 just doesn’t sound right, LOL) Anyhoo, it seemed like a pretty cute name for a CD :-)

What kind of music should you expect? Hmm... guess it could be said that all the songs share the common theme of LOVE (good thing for songs to be about, right?). They’re primarily ballads, with vocals and simple instrumentation -- piano and acoustic guitar. Check out the lyrics page to get a sense of the songs. It’s also possible that audio samples may be added at a later date, so stay tuned :-)

Our fabulous webmistress Sarah has dubbed us "music for a brighter tomorrow." Perhaps that’s a bit grandiose, but hey, we like it! Who wouldn’t like a brighter tomorrow? Bright tomorrows RAWK! That said, we’re pretty humble about our CD. It was recorded entirely by us (non-professionals who knew next to nothing about recording) in our own homes, and it was made on a very limited budget. THAT said, we’re pretty darn proud of how it turned out! The songs are all originals, and we and some friends of ours performed all the music :-)

We were even lucky enough to have actor Roark Critchlow (best known for his work as "Dr. Mike Horton" on Days of our Lives), also a talented musician, contribute his own piano piece to open the CD. And Mr. Donald Benjamin (of Swirling Records, best known as Big D) has been an invaluable advisor and "CD-polisher"... an absolute godsend in every way :-)

Perhaps the most important thing for you to know about our CD is that all the profits will go to benefit the American Cancer Society. That was the intention of the CD from the very start, and it was a big part of what inspired us to create it in the first place. We have had a lot of fun, we hope people will enjoy our efforts, and (who cares if it’s cliché to say?)... we hope we make a difference :-)

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