happy fall!

It started as a few family pets in a tiny house and grew to be several creatures in a larger (but still somehow too small) house, plus a small apartment. No one really expected it; the Zoo just sort of... happened. Nearly a dozen litters of kittens and puppies gave new pets to about a hundred families, including this one! (Of course we couldn't be expected to give them all up!)
This website is an attempt to chronicle at least some of the goings-on in this wild menagerie of felines, canines and humans that we call... the Sunview Zoo!

Site is currently being redesigned and should be considered a work in progress. If you find any typographical errors, broken links, faulty coding, please contact the webmistress at sarah at clowningglory dot com.

Use the navigation bar at the bottom to find your way around. Meet the cats, dogs, and maybe even the humans that populate Sunview Zoo's main locations. Enjoy your stay, and tell your friends!

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