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Spooky. Halloween is a great holiday for a video store. It's fun, and can be movie related! Boo!


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Happy Halloween from Movie Gallery in Windsor, Connecticut! It's been tough to find good decorations that aren't all crafty and are more towards cutesy. Without spending a fortune, that is. Our big budget item was the fog machine, and we'll have pictures from that after Halloween night itself. (I'll point out where it is later in the pictures.)

Outside after hours, lights on
Apologies for the blurriness. It's tough with the flash out. This is the front counter as you'd approach to rent. Spooooooky beef jerky stuff... Also, giant spider.
Inside, looking around
At the check-out counter, looking towards the front corner of the store. You can kinda see the pumpkin on the translite board and over the front doors. Ooh, scary Garfield.
Inside, at the front counter
Just a (blurry, sorry) closer view of the lights beneath the translite board. Slime lights and spiderwebs. Enjoy the slime lights, they were terrifying to put up.
Inside, our tree!
The other side of the counter, where we typically don't take customers. Again, sorry for blurriness, but it had to be seen without the glaring flash. More spiderwebs, and the odd cut-open box thing is... a cut-open box. With a nifty graveyard/haunted house scene on it (courtesy of yours truly). The hole in the part facing straight on to the camera is where the fog comes out. It was necessary to keep the illusion of fog from nowhere, and also necessary to keep customers (and their kids!) away from the machine.
Outside after hours, lights off
A view standing at the non-checkout counter. More close up spiderweb, which I think came out pretty neat. As I mentioned, more pictures will (hopefully) be posted after Halloween night. Let's hope the fog comes out!


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