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Winter in New England is so pretty. Cold, but pretty. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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Happy Holidays from Movie Gallery in Windsor, Connecticut! As you can see, we went all out in decorating, as this place is a home away from home for most of us there! We hope you enjoy the pictures, as our customers (most of them!) seemed to enjoy them. (Not to mention the little kids who constantly drew things in the snow on the windows! We'll come up with something better for next year!)

Outside after hours, lights on
Looking at the store, almost from the street, you can see a lot of the work we put into decorating. The store's closed, hence no open sign, as it was easier to take pictures without cars zooming around the parking lot!
Inside, looking around
Inside the store, as if you were looking for movies, our official POP is in view and looking nice with our neatly stocked shelves and displays. (We hadn't straightened the SuperValues bin of games yet, and MGTV is currently off, hence the "DVD" screen on the tv in the back.)
Inside, at the front counter
Inside the store, "ready for checkout," you can get a glimpse of our tree and some of the garland we'd strung up the poles. You can't see on the other side of the poles our small collection of cards received by the manager and the store itself!
Inside, our tree!
Inside the store, looking at our tree (and lots of Two Weeks Notice dvds), you can see our Walmart and Pier One ornaments (star from Pier One). Also visible are a few well placed card carriers to promote our gift cards and Discount Rental Cards, as well as a Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup ornament from our almost-DM Mike!
Outside after hours, lights off
We're closed! (It's about 11:30 by this point, and we're ready to leave for the night, but it's pretty with the lights on!)


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