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Name:Rachel DiFiore
Nicknames:Roachelle (hehehe), Silver, Rachy
AIM Screenname:Beatlgrl47
School:Manchester Community Technical College
Major:soon-to-be music ed
Webpage:Something Completely Different...
Greatest moments in high school:oh gee, where do i begin??? entire freshman year (all those plays and musicals! oh wait there was only one of each..), geometry was never the same without ty, the end of heather being "normal", nccc 3 years running! florida and bean's affair with woody, hchonors choir w/ dianna (icky), cezus english and our own private island, toronto and phantom with *that boy* singing next to me, junior prom, i guess it was okay, peter pan and dianna flying into the window (tee hee hee), leaning tower of trash, photography and air/tickle fights with ron, all the kleptos who kept stealing the bookmaking tools, senior banquet (happy memories), finally, graduation... sigh. its all over (sobbing softly)

my birthday