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Name:Janelle Goldreyer
Nicknames:Janners, Athos, Jan-head
AIM Screenname:Athos44
School:University of CT
Major:Anthro (maybe Bio too, but not yet)
Webpage:The Jitterbug
Greatest moments in high school:Graduation :) hehe :) no, yeah, seriously, right Sar? (ok, thats a college thing, but it fit - sorta); yearbook afternoons and parties - SURGE!!; english w/ sarah and eileen :) BANKING CONCEPT!; the banquet, look at the pretty ceiling....; the lunch table camera :); NHS clothing drive - that was fun, right Eileen?? :); erin's F-ing BABY!; UConn Mentor Connection; my not a class Med Terms :) the Source; student aiding with Sarah for Mrs. Heberst :);there's more but i can't remember that far back right now :)

my birthday